Friday, April 29, 2011

away from hometown , permy here i come !

hey there.. today me n my bro is absent from school.. escape la, senang crta.. btw, early in the evening my bro nose came out wt blood !! damn, so many of blood ! that`s y granny say, no need go to school la.. n as i hers that, me also lazy wanna go to schoolll, besides that i hv a muscle cramp after walking from school to the mbm ! perghh, freaky2 tired dude ! so, in teh evening my dad go n buy something for our breakfast.. then, almost 11a.m, my aunt is coming to pick us to go to her house ! and at that time. we also ody ready n just wait for her to pick up us ! actually, we stay at her house at this weekend cause this coming monday(labour day) , her house hv some party.. that`s y we going there ! n now, i felt that like wanna get fever ! hmmm.. okay, i thibnk this all my blogging for today ! dadaa, night fellows .

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