Wednesday, April 27, 2011

this is- MY LIFE

OKAY.. 1ST, no highlighter in my life anymore more n more.. i`ve forget all about him... but yess, sometimes if i see him, i`m happy.. but just for awhile after i remember that he`s taken ! okay... do i look like i care, yes i do.. arghh, watever la... lazy to story about him.. so, i`ve new cuzzy.. he`s handsome dude! still a baby.. so, nezt monday is he`s day... mkan doa slamat ony... not his bornday okay.. so in monday next week, i`m gonna have 2 function at 1 time.. mkan doa slamat wazir n aqeqah irish... eh2, forget to tell 2 things, the second function is iris aqeqah n the real name of wazir is Mohd Harriz Wazir.. butt, we always call him as Perdana Wazir. hihi, my granny the one who give his name as wazir.. that`s y she love to call my new cuzzy perdana wazir.. so we just follow the name ! then, i had gne my besties the invitation card.. hope all of them can come wt or wtout their fam.. atleast, them who the one that must come.. okay deena,. zura, azza alfie n winnie.. don`t fprget fatin too, cause her`s fathers is my aunt classmates.. so, i think i gtg now.. if there`s any new n interesting story, i`ll gonna type in on.. sooo, must tell u fellows,,, 2 or 3 more weeks to go for next exams ! i`m freaky2 nervous for the exam dude ! Dadaaaaaa,<3

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