Saturday, April 30, 2011

the night at irish`s cottage !

and at 1st, me my dad n my bro wanna sleep at our own house.. but we r so lazy to go back home in the midnight.. furthermore, i`m ody sleepy around 9 30.. so, we sleep over there. BUT, i can`t sleep wt harmony n peace (hihi) cause i`m feel like not comfortable at all.. i don`t know why.. i`m awake, i`m sleep, i`m awake, i`m sleep again.. herhh, malay says, tdo2 aym. DAMN ! don`t mind lorrr, so i`m also awake early in the morning.. n get a bath! like usual, hv a breakfast.. marverlous ! i`m eating 2 bowl of fried rice.. just small bowl okay, not the big one ! . okay, then the next story.. i add my cuz fb, fareez ! we always comment at each other status. after ody many times we sakat menyakat, n i say, tumbok klak bruk tauk.. n he reply, x ktk brani tumbok kmk, tgga mka kmk dh ktk xmok tumbok.. ktk gk kcik mun jmpa kmk ska melok kmk ! i`m feel like, WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.. MALUUUUUUUUUUUUU, hahahahhaha.. bodoh ny saya ! but i really2 can`t remember that time.. i`m always thinking that, when i hug him.. as i know, i never hug him.. but he seems so confident that i hug him when i was chilhood.. don`t mind la, crta lmak.. HIHI, but still malu okayyy.. BOUDOUUUU ! okay, -THE END- <3

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