Friday, April 20, 2012

Updating !

Assalamualaikum and Hey to fellas out there. its been 2 months i didn`t update my velog untill i cant remember what ze password is. so, this lately im little bit busy with school activities. stay back for extra class, for sports training and so what ever school stuff that i`ve to attend. and, my responsible is more tougher than last year. last year im only an asst class monitor, but this year im the class monitor. OH GOSH. ive to handle this, handle that, that makes me so busy and a bit depressed. next week on weds n thurs is my school sports day, then on friday is promnite dinner last but not least class monitor campon sat. huh, such a fucked man! and ive to get pass for my add math n math. hmm, im totally depressed with all those stuff. plusss, probs wt ze friends never END! after this, that, after that, hm......... i think i should stop here. tomorrow ive class, good night everyone. enjoy your life as you manage to take time for it. lotsa love, HyldaF :D

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