Friday, February 3, 2012

february two0one0

assalamulaikum n hello velogger. i miss my velogg so much. its been a while i didn't update my blog. so, now im 16 its meant im a form 4 student. ive to face many kinda of situation in school like addmath, addsc,  the annoy teacher n so on. btw. sorry teacher, ive to say this. HAHAHHAHHA, what a rude student i am. i hope that my relationship my my girl n boyfriends willbcome more better n awesome from the other year. what past is past, let it gone by itself. now, all my besties in morning session. not like last year. we're separate of from each other. i love my frinds so muchyyy. btw, i want to thanks to Jasmine Wee so much for editing my velog. thanks hunny bunny. hmm, what elsei want to say, oh ya i also hope  that  this year i`ll get good result  cause my teacher always say that form 4 is not a honeymoon year. i think i should stop here.

xoxo, lots of love Hylda. H. 
hv a nice reading velogger :))


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