Saturday, August 20, 2011

3rd week of Ramadhan.

Salam! :)
1st, today is my happiest day ever, I thought so. This is because I've received a notebook 1Malaysia!
I loikeeeeeee. I don't care if people was like, aww she's poor, cannot afford to buy a laptop, pity her and etc. Hey, before you wanna say those thing, please investigate first! I've my on laptop. But, is it wrong if I have a new one, even if it is not branded like Apple, Acer and etc. Did anyone wanna give you a free notebook? Ohmy.. NEVER. Except you parent, or anyone that admire you, or anyone that love you. But, it's a MAYBE! So, really appreciate this [:

2nd outings with my brother and my cuzzies.
The main thing why we went to Parkson because I was looking for new shoes for this Hari Raya. There's only some that I like. It's not like past 2 years, which was there were so many choice! Aww, I'm frust :[ So then, we had our breakfast at Pizza Hutt. I like :D We went back home around 8.30 pm. Before that I met Akma, Zimah and Aleen :D

3rd, this night, I'm sleeping at my aunt house in Permyjaya :D What a wonderful day I had today :] So, I wanted to thank Allah for giving me a very great day today [:

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