Thursday, May 5, 2011


this coming sunday is mother`s day ! so, i want to gve a surprise cake as a present for my lovely mommyh.. but, don`t hv fulus.. so, i want to ask some money from my pa then ! yihakkk ! can`t wait to celebrate mother`s day wt my mom.. my mom said that she want to cook at home, but i want to bring her to eat outsisee. slalu glak ko celebrate d rmh.. aherny, tka juak bhasa aku.. BAHAHAHHA.. so, tomorrow my udak will pick up us to berambeh at tudah.. yerrm duhal rami juak admire aku d tdan.. HIHI, x sangke i.. DH LA, ttup crta, x bgus glak mood lkak post nok tdik ya.. menyakitkn ati ! dadaa <3

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