Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I miss you, Mr. Blog :(

Salam! (: Okayyy, long time ody I didn't up-to-date my Mr.Blog a.k.a my online diary! Hey there, what's up?
Any good news? Or bad news? :\ This late 2 weeks I'm busy with school stuff. EXAMS. And now, there's only KHB and Civic's test this week. So, I can't wait for freedom! Almost 2 weeks I didn't touch my lappy xD
And, I'm worried about my Math and Sc reuslts. Super duper afraid guyssss! Pray for me okay? :) God bless!
So, next 2 weeks is HOLIDAY! yeay :D It's time to finished my parents moneyhhh. BAHAHAHAHAHA!
Time to meet the dudes! Teeheeeee, ndak alah2! Okay, that's all xD

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