Monday, March 14, 2011

n i say HEYYY !!

hey guyss.. wwazzup ?? long time no see ho.. k, now i wanna story everything ! 


    okay, as u all know, i hv 3 girlfriends.. Deena Nadia, Azura Yayaira n Azza Farani.. i love them freaky2 much !! BUT now, we`r not together as before i meant, not gla2 as wt azura, no krek2 wt azura, no crta bdo2 wt azura , no anok2 azura like, mlut kcik, x normal.. watever lh.. i mention more to azura`s name cause, we r not longer as before.. even i had forgive her, but my another 2 sistah can`t firgive her till she can change her attitude.. YEAHH, i know, all of u guys will noy gonna trust, but this is the FACT !! azura that the one who make her own mistakes that make we dissapointed wt her so much... this in not the 1st time she dissapointed us, but already many2 times till we can`t caount it. yeah i know, at her physically, she is a nice girl, cute, a quite girl , not a social girl... but that is not HER.. that is just for SITI.. not for SITI NUR AZURA.. if SITI NUR AZURA, shes not like that.. we 4 is her truely BFF.. not like others.. if we hv a probles, even sall probles, we all gonna confrence n share what is the problems... butt, AZURA aka MISS SECRETIVE love to secret her problems wt us that can make we TOO DISSAPOINTED WT HER wat had she done.. we 4 that know what she had done... plus, 2 people again n i think, there`s no need to mention their names here.. plus again, ALLAH S.W.T.. don`t ever judge by outside, if u does`nt know what is the real n who`s the right, don`t ever2 judge us !! okayy, UNDERSTOOD !! butt, i still back from scholl wt her transport,.. cause of, me n her family is knowing each other.. so i can`t let her there lonely, her mom gonna fell very very very WEIRD cause we 4 never broke up like this ! 

2. my LIL HIGHLIGHTER (orengreen) 

    highlighter act is PERSON.. it is not just an HIGHLIGHTER but it means deeply in my heart.. sooo, he is my senior n our school athletes.. i`m melting wt him after our 1`st conversation at scholl... 
ME: hmm, ktk kzen alfie nk, blh tlg brik hp tok ngan ny x ?? kwn terembk tek.. ny msih d pusat belia ya nk ?? 
H: ohh, aok.. okay, kmk ambik brg lok.. 
ME: i`m meltingggggggg.. like wanna paint... !! 

15 minutes had go !  

HIM: situation` him agak me n open his hand.. 
ME: straight forward gve alfie phone n say THANKS.. 
HIM : he smile... 
ME: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, i`m melting for the second TIME !! 

BUTT, ta that time, i`m just kept my feeling on my own by not tolg my besties. n at last, i can`t jept it anymore n i told them the truth !!  so, after that day, i`m become ANGAU.. everyday i`m feel like must see him.. so SUKAN TIME is coming.. n well, we are at the same school house, DANSON *yellow* .. last year, i`m in lIM, i had mention it before.. n last year also, danson is the last ranking but this year is NO 2.. im proud to be DANSON.. yeahh.. mun NANA(shasha minho)  tauk , mati kja.. HAHAHAH..  mesti ny pdah, x setia punya olang.. bola baling, pindh.. LIM, pindh.. smua lh pindh.. HAHAHAHHAHA. k now, back to the topic.. mun dh ny atlet, mestilh smua acra spu abis.. so, stiap kli pecut n form 5 the one nok lari, n bhagian lelaki, I MUST CONCENTRATE ON THE TRACK.. cause mybeloved is on the track.. IASEHMAN.,. knapelh aku ni angai sesangatt... mc lh dia tu kepunyaan aku ekk.. I WON`T CARE THAT !! what i know, if i want something, i must get it !! UNDERSTOOD !! SO, meant of orengreen, ny kn mssm last year, so ny pke bju mssm la.. his shirt is OREN while his spike is GREEN.. that`s y we call him HIGHLIGHTERR.. cause its too TERANGG !! n dr jaoh dh nmpk.. SOO, skolh pun tba... but, i can`t meet him for 5 days after skan cause he must go for MSSM again.,. at 1st, he was choosen by the teacher, but, he tarik diri cause the teacher very2 the cerewet... then, the one who replace him was not good as him.. so he had been called back to attend the mssm.. n, i`m feel like WTF !! so, sbar jk lh.. even he`s at the stadium, but his feel aka heart is always be mine !! so, her uniform if in school is a bit weird..  he always use the high songkok to cover his hair.. cause his hair is like my usu style... like chinese one.. tang ada d tgh jak rmbt.. nok lain xda... ny bkn flat top, flat top is flat top, nok dkny tok lain skit.. so, stiap kli ada jmpa ny, me mesti tgga ny.. butm, x la tgga nang concentrate, tauk lh ny nk.. we must SAIKO !! so, if me tauk ny ada sia, i`m gonna use my ujong mta onyyyyyy ti see him.. AWWWW.. nn, my frens alwats get mad of me causee, if dkny jmpa n dkny pdha, FARAH FARAH, highlight,, n as always, me mesti pdah, TAUK KU.. nok nang bna me dh tgga dlok.. so me tauk la ny rah sia.. AHAHHAAH.. jelesssss... my mta n my mta hati tauk bh ny cney... hihihiii.. PERASAN NY SYEEE.. ini yg buat sya x tentu psal, ANGAU d buat nyerrr.. n, ada skali ya, fifie pdh, fara, ny.. n this time i say, HAH, ya ka,.. bia lh ny.. n alfie like, HAH ?? kau x tauk.. bgus lh.. mun x mesti kau pdah, tauk ku.. act, its only pandangan dr blakang.. skali laki ya tuleh, bkn ny pun.. org lain.. TAHT`S Y LAH I`M NOT SEE HIM WT MY OWN MATA N MY MATA HATI.. cause its not HIM.. klau ny, mmg me dlok yg tgga.. HAHAHHA.. nyaman ! so, semenjak 2 menjak cuti nihhh, i smakin lh fall + rndu 1/2 mati kat dierrr.. 9 hari x jumpa.. ooohh, merana ny hdupku !!! NVM, x lmak gyk bkak skolh.. i can meet him again !! YEAY !! 

    SO, esk sye akn pergi ke BINTANG MEGAMALL bersama2 dgn kzen sya iaitu AMYRA...... sya pun x tahu apa nma penuh dia.. si we gonna challenge our skill at bowling centre !! HAHHA.. cant` wait !! but then, my girlfriends also jln tomoorow.. it is jose joey n melinieee.. so, we`ll gonna meet tomorow soon.. x sbe i tauu.. n, pkai jeans bru lh katkn.. my granny treat me a new jeans.. YEAHH !! i loike the cutting.. its my taste dude ! 

SEKIAN, sampai d sini lh crita sya yg tak tentu hala ini.. walaupun bebelit, pandai2 lh memahami dgn sndiriny yerrr... jgn nk byk songeh, klau dh nk bca tu, bce je lh.. NN, klau dh bca n dh tahu tuu, diam2 je lh.. mlut x pyah nk celupar crta kat org... FAHAM !! tau lh mlut korg tu x dpt x ttup mcm tempyan, tp just imagine, canne klau crte rahsia korg, org buat mcm tu, skit x hati tu.. skit kn... rsa mcm nk lempang2 je mlut die yg CANTIK sgt tu.. so, tlg lg memahami situasi org erk...  ARIGATO GHOZAIMAS krana memnbca nyer yee.. don`t forget to follow me !! .. <3 DADAAA

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