Thursday, March 17, 2011

17/3/2011- Granny Belated Bornday ( 54 yrs old)

I HV TO WRITE WT THIS COLOUR CAUSE THIS IS HER FAV COLOUR.. maroon.. citarasa org tua lh ktaknn.. hihi... so, mistakes this year i hv nothing to gve for her for herr belated birthday.. no worry, i promise i`ll study hard n get the GREAT marks just for her.. i love her so much.. she is like my mother also !! Everday of my life i`ll se her, my routines is wt her.. and all my day was wt her! i love her so much... saya berjanji bhawa, sya akn belajar dgn bersungguh2 sampai ke menara gading yer mak nek ku syggg.. MUAH !! i can`t imagine if my life wtout her.. I CAN`T !! i love herr.. i don`t mind what people say cause i`m repeating saying `ilove her so much`.. cause that`s the fact !! i love u mak nek !! so, we celebrate her befday at Sri Saribas Reataurant.. we eat many kinda kind of food till we full enough.. badly, my lil bro had an stomach ache n fever.. so he n my daddy can`t follow us .. hmm, never mind.. okay, that`s all i wanna say.. dadaaaaaaaaaa.. i love u mak nekkkkkkkkkk... (Rabiah Bt. Japar) hug2..

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